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Originally Posted by helitack32f1 View Post
I want an updated MCPX BL.
Interesting, a few call-outs for the mCPX. I have one that's heavily modified and it's just a great heli for flying in small spaces. There's not many Blade parts left on mine, but even so it's a great platform for upgrades. I've bought a ton of spares so I can keep mine flying until I run out of parts. If they come out with a new mCPX it would probably give me some additional life for the one I have assuming they use some of the same parts. I'd be happy about that.

That's one thing about Blade, they don't run production on any particular model very long. It's not like most people buy a heli only to fly it for a year then throw it away. My feeling is most people will fly a particular model for several years if it's one they like a lot. At least that's the case for me.

If they do bring back the mCPX they could learn a few things from the K120 and HCP100S like dual brushless outrunners and a proper ESC. Would also be nice to see a CNC head, but that's probably asking too much from Blade, they seem dead set on plastic heads. Though I actually like the linear servos. If you can get past the need for regular cleaning, they work well and they're super light which is always good for a heli.
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