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Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
From what I understand, they already sort of had that with the nCPX. A member here (Number) really likes his and says it's the best ultra-micro CP heli ever made. He's a freakin' fantastic pilot, too. Then Blade went and screwed it up with the nCPS. I've read about so many problems with that thing.

Is that a joke LOL.
Had 2 nano cpx and it was the most gutless cp heli ever made????
The exact opposite of pop, I do agree it was far more reliable than the cps but the XK flies better but is still gutless.

Want a 130-180 with power and no safe. 130 and 180 are gutless but have decent flight characteristics, nano is just plain pitiful on the pop department and flies too small.

180 is decent but flies a little heavy, just a touch more juice and you wouldn't have to hold back and baby the collective.
Bring the 180 back with a touch more power and metal servo gears and they'd have a winner. Make a DD 130 with some pop and they may have their best selling heli ever but they have to be reliable electronically.

That's why people are ditching Blade in record numbers these days. More reliable options in the same class/price range
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