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Originally Posted by learnedthehardway View Post
Is that a joke LOL.
Had 2 nano cpx and it was the most gutless cp heli ever made????
The exact opposite of pop, I do agree it was far more reliable than the cps but the XK flies better but is still gutless.
Nope, and I never said it was a powerhouse. However, lots of people liked the original nCPX. Ask the member named Number here. He'll tell you and he can fly the crap out of his.

Originally Posted by learnedthehardway View Post
That's why people are ditching Blade in record numbers these days. More reliable options in the same class/price range
What's a viable alternative option for the 230S from another manufacturer? What's another option for TT tail 180CFX? Since you said same class/price range, the OXY 2 is larger and considerably more expensive to get flying than a STOCK 180CFX. Yeah, it just got discontinued, but plenty are still around for purchase.
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