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Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
Nope, and I never said it was a powerhouse. However, lots of people liked the original nCPX. Ask the member named Number here. He'll tell you and he can fly the crap out of his.

Nano CPX = very good.

Nano CPX + MyLiPo 205mAh 1s HV LiPos + Micro Motor Warehouse 8020-14 motor + PH2 connector = incredible.

Cyclic feel is the best compared to any of the other Blade micros (mCPX, Nano CPS, mCPXBL, 130X, 180CFX, 130S, etc) and it's got a good power-to-weight ratio.

The biggest problem with the Nano CPX is the stock motor and batteries. The stock connector is a big bottleneck for power especially after a few cycles, and myLiPo batteries have tons more power output compared to stock. The stock motor is decent but only lasts a very short time before it totally sucks.

Nano Cps cannot be saved. Wobbly, twitchy, unstable and unpredictable.

The stock connector (2-pin Molex Picoblade) is only rated to 30 mating cycles before the internal resistance soars through the roof. Have a look for yourself.
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