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Personally I want another 130X. Haters gonna hate, but that heli was lightweight and flew extremely well, when it flew. And that IMO was its only real flaw. Tail gears were a nightmare. The 130X with a 180CFX style tail drive would be a dream come true.

Linear servos.
Yeah yeah they suck they get dirty blah blah. But you know what? They're ridiculously durable. Worm gears have near infinite stall torque and there are no gears to strip. I crashed the living crap out the 130X and not once did I damage a servo, other than wires getting ripped off or falling off from vibration which any servo is susceptible to. For me, the durability is worth having to clean them every 100 flights.

A stock, unmodded 130X had a very low disc loading and thus the stock motor was nearly sufficient, if you didn't mind it getting blazingly hot. Mine got super hot but it never burned out once. If they put a brushless motor of equal or slightly higher power from the start (Oversky HP06 maybe) it would be a winner as far as power systems go. The stock inrunner made enough power for just about everything I could throw at it. It just got hot, that's all.

I actually didn't mind the 3-in-1. I only had it lose binding ability once, which was repairable. That's my only gripe, really. They need to make them stop losing bind so often and having to be sent to megasmicros for repair. It's lightweight, and easy to remove and install.

So what I really want:
-130X frame that's easier to replace the elevator servo. Keep the material as the stock 130X frame is extremely robust.
-180CFX tail system. Gears that aren't so pathetic.
-130X head. Nothing really wrong with it that I ever found, maybe other than the weak swashplate. Lighter than the 180CFX head.
-Outrunner motor
-Linear servos
-3s 300mAh (130S batteries maybe) purely to reduce temperatures. Should be similar in weight to a 2s 450mAh which is what I always ran.
-More durable canopy. I love the lightweight stock canopy but of course they're made of eggshells and love to shatter. Make it out of more flexible, less brittle plastic and you'll have a winner.
-No boom supports. Seriously, not needed. Not needed on the 180CFX (I ran mine without) and with a stronger boom it wouldn't be needed on the 130 either.
-Aluminum tail boom. Seriously Blade? Carbon fiber? Whose idea was that? It's light, but it shatters.

-NO SAFE crap. I just want a nice flying FBL unit with piro-optimization. Don't dumb this bird down with weak main motors, electric tail motors, and rescue stuff.

There's probably something I'm missing. I'm probably the odd man out with this list of stuff. But it would certainly be something I'd buy.
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