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I hope Spetroto comes back. One thing I find rude on internet forums is when people ask a question, particularly for criticism, approval or feedback and then never come back to acknowledge.

Its not like he has not read the forum or is too busy.

I appreciate that he may not want to get embroiled in criticism of the product but other heli marks seem to be able to hold dialogue with their customers.
And I am sure many of us would not be employed if we could not do like wise.

EDIT: If any of you Helifreak guys think I was too harsh in post #5 please let me know. Maybe I am too critical. I hope not.
I have bought 2 Oxys, 1 Gaui, 1 Synergy and 6 Blades since I started CP helis.
Not in that order. So I am not trying to just bash Blade for the sake of it.
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