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Originally Posted by CraigHB View Post
I actually like the motored tail on the the mCPX. Not the stock one, mine's a BL outrunner. It's simple and reliable. There's low maintenance, no adjustment, and good crash resistance. Now with something bigger I prefer a main driven tail. A motored tail has some lag. Personally I think the 230 S is too big for a motored tail. Probably okay on the 130 S though.
Of course it's fine on a Nano or mCPX.

But on a 130? No way. The 130X tail is actually very good, quite hard to get it to blow out unless you bog the crap out of it and the tail RPM drops too much. The 180 tail doesn't blow out, it just wags a lot, which is more gyro related than anything.

The 130S tail doesn't impress me at all, it blows out easily on tic tocs and maneuvers that the 130X easily did.

Just to give you an idea of why I love the 130X

130X (2 min 48 sec)

Blade 130X Gets Some Love Again (3 min 9 sec)
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