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Is the mcpx v3 out yet? Discontinued already??

I kid i kid!

A new mcpx bl and a tt 130x w problems solved are good ideas. A 180 with metal servos and a little better disk loading would be nice.

130x was my favorite blade heli ever. But the tail needs upgraded and the gears need to not strip or fall out mid flight. An outrunner would be nice. 130s is not near as good as a nice 130x. I enjoy all your products tho. But the self level drives me nuts. Bailout is ok although id probably never use it. Make the option to turn safe off really simple. Even wltoys does that with one button that toggles self level on or off. And find plastic that isnt so brittle.

All I can say is I just saw this thread..
Basically everyone is saying buy a xk k110. We need the mcpx bl back that is as durable and flys as well as an xk k110 but with the power of an xk k120. You guys are blade.. how does a v977 from wltoys get better reviews than a nano cps running on a spektrum tx? Mind boggling.

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