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Originally Posted by BRANDON L View Post
I think something like this guys nano would be a great seller. Its 2s double bl, external esc's and a micro brain with cf frame. Bling optional.

Blade would be smart to offer a bnf/rtf version using there own fbl and offer an airframe with a separate electronics package. Instead of selling a few spares most would buy the whole airframe or electronics packages for parts
And you make the people who like customizing their stuff happy
I think that was why the nano and Mcpx were so popular, all the modding and customizing you could do.
That's a cool little heli, but they'd probably have to price something like that at $400+ and very, very few would pay it. Any videos of that particular heli flying? I wonder how heavy it ended up and if flight times are super short because of that and the extra power.
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