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I'm a newbie so I only know Blade products.

I pretty much agree with what has been said but I do wonder about suggestions like better plastic. Although I 100% agree, I also do understand that quite possibly the business model Blade is adopting is similar to Brita or razors, for example. That means that they make most of their money on parts replacements and sell the sets for cheap and often at a lose (think Amazon model too). Now, I don't know if the latter is true for Blade though as I don't think they need to.

So why would they produce a heli that crashes better?

Do I agree w/ the comments? Absolutely! But I also am sympathetic that this is a business. Blade has a certain sector of the market cornered and those people (myself included) most likely won't want to pay a bit more for a machine to get started. Of course, we find out later that ultimate costs are more but by that time, you're in the pipeline until you either get enough experience to get out for better (kits) or are too frustrated to stay in.

Just my thoughts. Thanks.
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