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Ultra micros like the mcpx/ncpx were Blade's bread and butter and people are ditching them for the XK-110 and v977. That's what that comment was aimed at.

180 is a decent heli but other than the cost of blades my Mini P costs about the same to crash only flies much better. Rather pay more per crash to have every single​ flight be more satisfying/fun. Guess if you're still crashing a lot it might be worth it but for me it's not.

Nothing has to compete with the 230, it's just a big nano. Nothing special about it and think my nano cpx even handled wind better.

Yes Number likes his nano but he put real motors in it which is exactly my point. No SAFE with some balls. Exactly what I'm asking for instead of another unreliable, gutless heli aimed at beginners which they already have more than enough of.

Can't say a heli is great if you replaced major components and doubled the purchase price in the process.

Oxy2 is the same price as the 180 if you try to get the 180 even close to the same quality/level of performance but that's more than I care to spend on a little heli. Makes crashing cost as much as a 450 which totally eliminates the only reason I have to fly a small heli.

I want something reliable, with some pop but still cheapish to crash. Not expecting Oxy2 performance​, just enough to be fun instead of disappointing.

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Nope, and I never said it was a powerhouse. However, lots of people liked the original nCPX. Ask the member named Number here. He'll tell you and he can fly the crap out of his.

What's a viable alternative option for the 230S from another manufacturer? What's another option for TT tail 180CFX? Since you said same class/price range, the OXY 2 is larger and considerably more expensive to get flying than a STOCK 180CFX. Yeah, it just got discontinued, but plenty are still around for purchase.
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