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Nothing has to compete with the 230, it's just a big nano. Nothing special about it and think my nano Cox even handled wind better
The 230S is far from being just a big nCPX/S. Just the difference in size class alone puts them far apart. And 1S versus 3S, seriously? LOL I never had a Nano, but I did have a hair bigger mCPX which was basically the same thing as the nCPX, so compare those two as being very similar. The 230S is dual brushess, which even the newer nCPS isn't, has real metal geared standard sized servos, has a much better and separate FBL/RX unit, separate dual esc, etc. The 230S flies great and I find it to handle the wind quite well. Better than my 180CFX does, even. I also enjoy flight times of 5.5-6min easily of some pretty sporty flying versus three-ish minutes from the ultra-micro stuff.

Originally Posted by learnedthehardway View Post
No SAFE with some balls. Exactly what I'm asking for instead of another unreliable, gutless heli aimed at beginners which they already have more than enough of.
Who cares about SAFE? Don't like it, don't use it. Same as we do with our iKONS and other FBL units that have the same SAFE type features. Remember, that also includes a rescue feature that so many were going gaga over with the MSH update. Many of those people wanted it and weren't beginners at all, so it's definitely value added to many people outside newbiedom. And, while the 230S isn't a rocket ship, it isn't gutless. Just look at all of the videos out there of people really flying them. It's also not unreliable. In fact, it's been one of the most reliable helis they've ever released, especially in the micro category. It's certainly not as bad as the POS nCPS that so many people hate. Most everyone who owns a 230S really likes it.

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