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Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
Most everyone who owns a 230S really likes it.
I just read a long thread about the 130 S at RCG. It has real potential with dual outrunners and a 3S battery. Sounds like a lot of people are not happy with how it flies, goes back to my opinion about Blade's electronics. Though if they can fix the problems with an update, that might restore their reputation. I think that also happened with the 230 didn't it?

I tried doing the dual brushless outrunner thing on a Nano CPX. It just never popped my bubble in terms of performance. I've since parted it out and am currently selling it off. I've finally come to the conclusion that 1S is not worth the effort. For outdoor flight 2S is minimum and 3S ideal.

I would have liked to build my mCPX for 3S, but it always comes down to housing the battery. Anything but a stock configuration requires too many modifications and it can be hard if not impossible to find a battery the right size.

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