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I had my 5th or 6th crash on the 230s a couple of weeks ago in about 20 months of ownership. At least 50 percent of my crashes have been into snow. But this crash is the first one where I saw a frame brake. This was not the normal frame break.

The frame separated in such a way that the complete head, servos, main shaft, main gear and upper frame came apart as one complete piece. It was actually a very gentle crash. I have never failed to hit TH on any of my crashes and the original main gear still looked new. Just a light slop from about 3 feet onto a wet ground.

I lost links as I never bothered to look for them, bent feathering shaft but the frame seperation managed to break a servo ground lead. So a total rebuild with some servo soldering required.

I was going to post this in the 230 forum but I think its better here as Mr Petroto is taking notes. A frame break could be pretty demoralising for a beginner. I am not the type to Blame Blade for heli problems after a crash. I am not the type to call support generally either.

However Mr Petroto, the 230s frame would only need a little love and care in the original design and manufacture to remove the biggest weakness in a heli that is in some ways (I know its all relavative) one of the best helis, for its intention, that you have produced.
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