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Originally Posted by wab223 View Post
Hey Mike, I thought I read the 250CFX tail blows out for one reason or another?

I have not bothered to follow it much after that.
I haven't been following it lately, either, but I don't remember any widespread reports about it. Seems like pretty much all pf the posts I've recently run across about the 250CFX have been very positive.

Has the 230 been dropped in favour of the 250 then?
I read on RC groups the 230 had been discontinued?
I don't think it's been discontinued. The only recent discontinuation I know of is the two blade original 180CFX.

The 230 is so light and except for the frame issues fairly durable and easy to repair. I don't mind the plastic frame its just too thin and cheap currently.

I feel like the Blade engineers need direction from us guys.
Oh, they know EXACTLY what they're doing. They guaranteed themselves many, many more 230S frame sales by re-designing the area of the frame where the front of the skids attach. The 230S frame is like 98% the same as the old Blade SR frame, which had a reinforcing plastic frame strut molded in on each side to prevent those frame arms from breaking very easily, which they absolutely do on the 230S frame because they were removed for absolutely ZERO reason.
Notice those little extra plastic frame struts right in the key area in the Blade SR frame below? Yeah, now they're quite suspiciously missing on the 230S frame. Thanks, Blade.
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