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I would hope they were aware of the removal of those supports. For sure they must have compared the 230s design to the original SR.
But I am not convinced they did it with intention to increase sales. They may well have thought it was an improvement. Engineers do make mistakes. Maybe the final design was not peer reviewed. Maybe the creme de la creme of engineering trades, the tool maker messed up.

But your point has made me think. Probably the cost of retooling the molds to rectify these type of problems is not worth it to Blade/Horizon. So perhaps myself and others asking for resolutions to problems like a cheap plastic frame is unrealistic. It ain't going to happen because they don't intend keeping the models around long enough to be worth fixing.

The 230s is a really nice little heli if you don't ever crash it. And realistically it needs a very lite frame to function as it does.

I now think Steve Spetrotto's ( I got it right this time ) question was purely with regard to new helis from Blade. They will produce firmware updates to existing models but when it comes to correcting part manufacturing issues maybe that is out of the question.

I wonder if this gets just as frustrating for the heli engineers. Blade obviously have some fairly talented guys working for them.

Anyway, it is what it is. Blade do some good stuff. Regardless of what some people think of the Safe technology and rescue, these little AR636 type controllers in these type of helis are a great thing for getting beginners started in CP. There is no fly bar head to set up after a crash and they don't have to understand an FBL system either.

Sorry, thats a bit long winded I know.
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