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Should have tried that Heli-X cargo training
But I am happy to see that you did not wrap ur line around the boom
Now with 2 line and 2 loads I tend to think that both loads and lines will just spin and tangle up man

As you know a real machines belly hook can spin with a load
Now all gonna depend on ur speed and arc of line
We used to get on the Pee Alots that slung for us and tell them

"Come On Man Get A Little Whip In Dat Wire "

If you do try 2 lines and loads , try some bricks , If ya got to punch them off won't really be losing nothing of value , be sure the dog is out of the way eh !

Also are u sure 1 line won't hang up a bit when released ?

I am sure that big boy could take some big masonary blocks , but if I was you I would start out light weight little bricks

Bit you gonna have sum Spinnage for sure man

How about a Bambi Bucket with a controllable door to open for ur other switch
Make it out of an old hot water bag , member mom used to put them under the covers to warm up the bed on those frosty nights ?

U know those big red water bags, they were good and thick and could take some bouncing on the end of the line and I think have a hole molded in

Good luck dude I am keeping an eye on ur thread here

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