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Thanks Clark!
You are absolutely correct on trying to sling two long lines simultaneously.
They will tangle and with the release of one load, the lines will snag, and I would have one really long line still connected to both loads.

To use both hooks, one would be used to drop or control (something) directly from the belly position without a long line and the other could do something similar or be connected to a long line load.

Two long lines are not an option, they would tangle for sure.
I had thought of that also but I am glad you are thinking this through and pointed out that hazard.
I was wondering if anyone would speak up and say "I wouldn't if I were you". You did so thanks for that!

I am still working full scale issues so the Velos long line experiment is slow to evolve but I will get there.

I was also wondering if the Velos long line would give you a good shock if grabbed before it touched the ground while in flight, like full scale will do.
Never done that myself but seen it done...pretty funny...but not for the guy getting the shock.
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