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Ordered my new MD600 today. Addition items ordered:

a. MD5P-K10Y Skids Yellow (to help old eye)

b. MD6P-S08 Quick Release Battery Tray (Just because I wanted it)

c. RB-96 96mm Rail Tail Blades (Everyone needs a little tail)

d. Black Label 4500 mAH-45c-C-6s battery (my first battery over a 3s)

I sent some Futaba 9252 servo (3) in for repair. Was contacted by Futaba today and was advise the 9252 were shot and beyond repair. they were about 10 years old. Futaba offered me three BLS171SV servos for 50% off retail. I took the deal, warranty and all.

Check list

Helicopter: MD600. Ordered.
Motor: Undecided.
ESC/BEC: Undecided.
Cyc Servos: Futaba BLS171SV X 3. Ordered.
Tail Servo: JR DS8900G. On Hand.
FBL Control: Icon. On Hand.
Tail Blades: Rail 96mm. Ordered.
Main Blades: Edge 600, Have 2 sets. On Hand.
Battery: Black Label 4500mAh-45c-6s. Ordered.
Receiver: Futaba R7008sb. On Hand.
Radio: Futaba 14G. On Hand.

OK, What I'm I Missing? Other than what I have noted.

p.s. thanks for posting Don

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