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Default First lesson learned.

Had the chance to put up a long line flight.
I decided on using a lighter weight for practice on the recommendation from some of you. I decided on a 12 foot long line and a half gallon of water for practice, just to get the "swing" of it.

Picking the load up initially was simple...then things get progressively more difficult.
My observations from that flight:
The big Velos 880 is very stabile with the long line, the same can't be said for the load itself.
My jug of water had a mind of its own. My objective with this first flight was to simply hover with the load stationary and have good control over it.
None of that happened.
The swing of the load started out very small at first and progressively became larger and larger.
I tried to counter the load swing with aircraft movement which did help but I could never cancel out the swing completely.

I decided that I was probably causing the swing of the load so I stopped making adjustments with the sticks and just let the Velos hang there in a stabile hover.
The loads swing started small but increased to about 45 to 50 degrees from vertical and the Velos just hung there with very little visual motion.

It was like the Skookum which I have controlling the Velos was making very small corrections in response to the load swing and these corrections were making the swing greater.
Even with 100 degrees of swing of the load the Velos remained stabile and level, it was crazy looking.

The swing of the water jug became great enough I decided to release it for fear of the cable getting into the tail rotor.
I truly don't know how you guys attempted this on your models without the capability of release when things get crazy.

I could have lowered the collective and let the load hit the ground but with that you get sudden slack in the long line and the possibility of heli entanglement which would end the day on a bad note.
Release is the way to go and safest...except for the water jug, it exploded on impact...sorry I didn't have the camera to record time.

So my take away with this fist attempt was securing any heavy load directly to the belly of your heli and then taking flight is easy...hooking up that same load to a long line and controlling the load in flight is difficult.

I need a lot of practice in flight and experimentation with the length of the long line to get the best setup.
...and so it continues. I'm going to need many, many water jugs.
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