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I'm Surprised that you of all people would be surprised by this
Da Skookum is a factor
4 Sure

Sitting @ a hover will definitely induce factors

Ur young enuff to know the song

Move It Move It

Heli-X Cargo training Man , It will teach muscle memory as any SIM will , as I am sure ur OLD enuff to know this is how we all started

Bra it ur machine and it is a very tuned and expensive bit of kit and it all about the feel for U 4 Sure

To me you have tooken the ability to punch it away with the new belly hook design and I would Re-think that design/Ability............ Again

12 Foot = 3 meter or so eh ?

Per scale would you say that a sporty ?
As discussed before , perhaps u got too much weight on

Ur the guy on the sticks if it not feeling right and but yet U know it can handle it

Maybe IT is a loose stick height tension spring thingy , Perhaps it the Sk


Sure as Shite that Sk gonna work , so will Ur stick height tension spring thingy

Put a little whip in that wire with a less of a load I am sure that Big boy will handle it and The Sk too

I member hovering with training gear , man when I took it off , Forward Flight was possible

Good Luck Dude , Like Capt. Kirk U are going with the Velos Where no man has gone B4

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