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Originally Posted by Falung_69 View Post
I'm Surprised that you of all people would be surprised by this
Da Skookum is a factor
4 Sure

Sitting @ a hover will definitely induce factors

Ur young enuff to know the song

Move It Move It

Heli-X Cargo training Man , It will teach muscle memory as any SIM will , as I am sure ur OLD enuff to know this is how we all started

Bra it ur machine and it is a very tuned and expensive bit of kit and it all about the feel for U 4 Sure

To me you have tooken the ability to punch it away with the new belly hook design and I would Re-think that design/Ability............ Again

12 Foot = 3 meter or so eh ?

Per scale would you say that a sporty ?
As discussed before , perhaps u got too much weight on

Ur the guy on the sticks if it not feeling right and but yet U know it can handle it

Maybe IT is a loose stick height tension spring thingy , Perhaps it the Sk


Sure as Shite that Sk gonna work , so will Ur stick height tension spring thingy

Put a little whip in that wire with a less of a load I am sure that Big boy will handle it and The Sk too

I member hovering with training gear , man when I took it off , Forward Flight was possible

Good Luck Dude , Like Capt. Kirk U are going with the Velos Where no man has gone B4


Thanks Clark!
I knew sitting in a hover with a load would need attention on the sticks but I was really surprised on how it could go from being a little oscillation to an out right OMG situation so quickly.

As far as the Skookum having an influence on the oscillation I learned long ago as a helicopter hoist operator that a little counter move by hand on the cable from the operators position could correct a big swing of the load.
I guess the opposite is true also as the little counter measures of the Skookum to keep the heli level could increase the loads swing dramatically in a short time.

Dragging the flag around was easier than hovering with the bottle of water which I would expect as well.
Forward flight with the bottle water weight should be easier as well with the added wind resistance to help control the load.

Tell me what your thinking with the belly hook re-design.
It works really good for me as is...with a flick of my finger...all my troubles just drop away.

Long line was about 3 meters. Shorter should be a little easier do you think?
Was about 4.5 pounds of water, super easy for the Velos to lift but don't think lighter weight would be any easier to control and I want to go up to around 33 pounds eventually just to know a maximum weight.

My equipment is good, I believe I just need the experience to tame the beast.
I'll experiment with the line length and load. With experience I should be able to get a good flight out of the long line with about anything attached.
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