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Default Progress and learning the long line. I learned something very important today when trying to fly a load by long line with the Velos 880.
Length matters...short line is very bad...a long line is very good....guess that's why they call it a "long line".

I had originally started the experiment with a 3.5 meter line or about 12 feet.
It was completely uncontrollable, no matter how many times I tried and no matter how slow I made the controls react, it always ended with a very big pendulum swing of the load, ending with its release, and subsequent destruction on the ground.
I used light weight and heavier weight and the result was always the same, the big swing ending in early load release.

So in desperation I tried a 10 meter or 33 foot long line.
My test weight was a gallon jug of water weighing in at 8.3 pounds.
On lifting the load from the ground I was excited to see it just hang there under the Velos with no tendency to swing.
I could fly it around and stop without any scary, uncontrollable pendulum swing.

Videos to come. I had my wife out with the camera today but I set her up with a long lens that didn't allow her to get both Velos 880 and the long line with load in the same bad...I was too much into thinking why I was having such a hard time than thinking about the camera.

Now that I have control I'll start increasing the weight to see where it takes me.
The 8.3 pounds of water was a feather to the big Velos, it still had great climb performance.
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