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Default My first practicle application using the long line?

Now that I have seen first hand the stability and controllability of a load on the long line, what now?
Will I just demonstrate I can pick up several jugs of water with the Velos? That's fun but I wanted to actually use the Velos in a real world application using its new talent.

Years ago there was a storm that deposited a tree branch high on the roof of my house, in a valley of the roof, where it has remained lodged to this day.
The branch is laying on the roof at the front of the house so every time you drive up, you see that dam branch laying up there, my wife hates it.

I would have thought that rain water would have washed it down but its high enough on the roof that the accumulated rain in the roof valley isn't strong enough to do the job. I could get out the ladder and climb up there and do it but the physical height and location make it very dangerous plus walking on roof shingles will damage them.

My plan, now that I know I can long line with some accuracy, is to lift a big push broom head (without the handle) up into position above the tree branch, lower the broom into the valley of the roof, and with a second string attached to one end of the broom head controlled by my wife on the ground, have her pull the broom head down the valley and with that, sweep that tree branch off the roof once and for all.
I'll keep the Velos stationed high above in a hover, still attached to the broom head.
With the Velos redundancy I have no issue with hovering above my house for any length of time.

If successful, my wife will have a new respect for the Velos and what it can do, she has hated seeing that branch on the roof for years.

Sounds like fun to me...and yes another video in the works.
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