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Originally Posted by Falung_69 View Post
Well Ain't you a Water Bottle Slinging Son Of Gun Eh ?
My My My
Was that not a pretty awesome sight man
Really liked how you got up over the load
Man u must have been grinning like "Jack The Bear " Eh ?

Don't you think the Broom Head will skip over the branch as she pulls
Unless you can somehow get the Broom Guide Rope/String under the log or Is there still any branches on it ? Perhaps snagging guide Rope/String will catch one

Me thinks Pa Pa will be building a weighted snare and hook that bugger off of there

When does the How short can I make the long line and have good control and not mess my drawers experiment start ?

Just out of Curiosity How long was the Flag line ?

That was very cool mate , gotta film the Old log removal for sure

Yes sir...big grin on my face when I pulled pitch, the jug popped up off the ground and just hung there nice and calm with no craziness.

The branch on my roof has been up there so long the smaller branches have rotted off it so its just the larger portion laying in the valley.
I wouldn't be able to use a claw type device because it would be difficult to get the claw in a position where it could grab it.
On a flat surface that would work great but down in that valley, it becomes more difficult.

The branch isn't that big and I have reconsidered my options. I have scrapped the idea of dragging the broom head down the roof valley with a string guided by my wife.
I will be positioning the broom head above the branch and using gravity and the Velos for motive force, just drag the broom down and sweep the branch off the roof.
Should work very well. I wish the branch did have its smaller branches still on it, it could be snagged easily with the long line and removed that way.
I know this will work, I have played it over and over in my mind and it worked every time.

For solid weights or loads I will be sticking to the 10 meter line. I know 3.5 meter is too short to control and 10 meter has perfect control so somewhere in between is the 3.5 length and the 10 meter line is the length that will still allow control but be shorter the 10 meter.
The 10 meter line works perfect so I'll be sticking with it for future loads.

You picked up on the flag line being shorter than 10 meters.
You are correct.
With loads that can generate their own wind resistance, you can use a shorter line. The loads wind resistance will dampen out any swinging motion and make it easy to the flag.
With the flag, you still have to use a longer than shorter line to get the flag out of the main rotor down wash that will effectively prevent the flag from waving properly.
That line length on the big Velos is 5 meters, anything shorter will put the flag in down wash and ruin the flags ability to fly...I know from trying shorter lines.

To find that magic length easily, if one wanted to fly a flag, you can take a long length of cord, add small streamers to it at 1 meter intervals and take it for a flight.
Put the model in a hover and observe the streamers. You will see where the streamers stop fluttering from the rotor down wash, count the number of streamers to remember that point and that's the length you will use for the flag, no more trial and error you can figure it out in one flight.

Thinking of other crazy fun things to do with the cargo hook.
For a fun challenge or competitions at flying events.
"How much weight did you say you can lift with your model?"
"Would you like to put a bet on it?"

I can see a pile of steel chain laying on the ground with markers on the chain for indicating every 5 pounds .
It should be coiled laying on the ground so it comes up evenly and not having other chain laying over the part leaving the ground, that way it becomes a fair contest.
You hook that chain to your cargo hook or heli in some way and see how high you can lift the chain vertically seeing how may markers you can lift off the ground and from that, tell you how much weight you just lifted.
A contest such as this would really separate the men from the boys with the ESC manufactures and also who has good solder connections. because its crazy.
Kind of like the old tractor pulls but done vertically with model helicopters.

Yes I have a busy mind...but it keeps me busy.
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