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1. Not that I can see.
2. Looks ok to me, I'm not familiar with the VTX but every thing else is similar to what I have, I even have the Martian II.
3. Yes, pretty much the best.
4. I'm not sure.
5. Yes it has telemetry, but again I'm not super familiar with the 9XR and stuff. I have a real Taranis, but I use the OSD for everything rather than Telemetry, so I don't get Telemetry receivers.
6. Get a Betaflight F3 flight controller from PiroflipRC or RaceDayQuads. They're much more powerful. Built in On-screen display too, well worth it. Well worth the $40. They have built in battery voltage monitoring which will pass through to the OSD, assuming you have the VBAT pads hooked up.
7. The stock PDB is good, and the Betaflight built in BEC eliminates the need for a PDB with regulators. You can power the VTX directly from the battery voltage and the camera can be powered from the 5V source on the FC.

One thing I suggest is to get stuff from the USA when possible. RaceDayQuads is a great place to get stuff and PiroFlipRC is too (When in stock). I'd suggest the $14 Hyperlite 2205-2522 Team Editions from PiroFlipRC, they're excellent and cheap. I think they're in stock now. Also suggest the Spedix 30A HV from RaceDayQuads. As I said, the BetaFlight F3 controller is very good and well worth the money IMO, also from RDQ or PFRC.
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