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Ok I finally figured out what the JR connectors are. Spektrum, KST, and servos made by SJ Propo (Hyperion, Gaui, Graupner and others) also use these terminals and housings. I caught the scent of the trail when I examined a Spektrum servo connector and saw TYU printed on near microscopic letters on the back near the corner. A quick search for TYU and 2.54mm brought be to a website for a company called Tarng Yu Enterprise Co LTD in Taiwan that makes all sorts of connectors.

So I look through their catalog under wire to board connectors and come up empty, they have a Mini-PV knockoff but nothing like the JR connectors. Then on a lark I try the wire to wire category under 2.54mm and find this:


This might not be the actual connectors that JR uses, but they are at least a copy of them and Spektrum at least seems to be using the exact connectors. Also note that they have Futaba type housings for them as well. I suspect that all of the "JR type" terminals not directly sold by JR are in fact these "TYU" connectors.

I feel like a Jedi right now.

EDIT: Here's the PDF on them. Note how the terminal is designed for a standard double D crimp die.,3,4series.pdf
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