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Originally Posted by Justin Pucci View Post
Waferthin, let us know if you do decide to make the trip from NZ, as we'd be happy to help you with planning or getting gear over here.

Thanks, that'd be a real help.
It'd be my first trip to the USA, and it would "somewhat cool" (can you feel the understatement in there?) if I could hook up with some of you folk at the same time.

My biggest problem is gear: I can't see myself bringing flight packs. I've a G570, Protos and X4 II.. The X4 would be the most sensible and cartable of them all. I wonder ... perhaps I could break it/the 570 down and carry on plane, if I could find/get some packs over there for the event? (anyone need some new flight packs for a 570 broken in? har har)

Secondary is "where the heck to stay". I can't fit a camper van in my carry on Well, I can fit a small model one, matchbox like. Hmm. I see I'm convincing myself to come over already!

How does it work re AMA affiliation? I don't have such a thing. Got a NZ equivalent, but not sure that's relevant? is it needed?
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