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Excessive heat not only tortures the winds, but damages the magnets rather quickly. The higher the mag quality, aka costs of purchase, the more heat resistant and higher magnetic signature they provide. It isn't all in the winds.

Also, it isn't all related to motor size. I have friends that can smack their helis around twice as well as I do, but using smaller output motors than I run while doing so. Their collective management is just superb! One, a good bud who is sponsored is running a Scorp ultimate I benched out of one of my Gob 700s thinking it was modest power wise myself. Has it in his new Logo 700, and has plenty of power and still makes me look like a beginner with my gen 3 Kde in place on my own (now 14s) Gob 7. He averages 3 1/2 min flights and tortures new batts, I watched him puff a cell in his newly recieved pulse 12s pack while doing so last week. The motor is quite happy, but he is considering a 14s upgrade soon as his 14s 766 with larger Scorp motor flies longer and comes down cooler doing the same routine. Batts aren't cheap.
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