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Originally Posted by CZorzella View Post
I came across the following thread that made me think about your project.

Thanks Carlos!

Good read.
I have been incrementally increasing my load by 8.3 pounds or one gallon of water each time which has set up a pattern in amp draw and heat. Each gallon of water increases the amp draw by 4 to 5 amps so that gives me a base line on what I can expect for a given load.
As I pointed out in a previous post a single motor on my Velos draws 30 amps in a hover. Add a gallon of water and it increases to 34 amps, add another gallon of water and the amps go up to 39 and so on.

The amp spikes one gets from flying 3D are very high in comparison to lifting dead weight as I am.
The big differance is duration of the amp draw. The 3D spike to 160 amps doesn't create the heat of prolonged flight with a load at a much lower amp draw.

I have no reason to go higher than 3 gallons of water or 24.9 pounds of load which puts the Velos right at 50 pounds AUW in flight.
My water tank project to clean the roof of my house (this will be a hard mounted belly tank, not on a long line) will be set to 2 gallons of solution per load, If it does a good job for me at that volume I'll stick with it. If not I can always add another gallon.

I'll be watching my ESC temps closly as they appear to be influenced most by the added weight. Motor temps are good, battery temps are good.

If needed and just because it would be one more thing for me to build, I may bring my ESCs out to be flush or slightly protruding into the airstream out side the canopy.
If you look at my build I have both ESCs mounted on the sides of the fuselage plates.
I could easily cut larger vent holes in the sides of my canopy to match the cooling fins of my ESCs and mount them so the cooling fins are in the slip stream. With all the rotor down wash in a hover and in forward flight there should be ample airflow accross the ESCs to help keep them cooler.
It will be an interresting mod and test to see any cooling effect.

Full scale helis have all my attension now but hopefully this week end I can do the log chain included so stay tuned.
That should be fun and a great addition to fun flys.
Hook your heli up to the chain coiled on the ground. The chain has markers identifying its weight at specific intervals.
Pull pitch and see how much chain you can lift. It would be an easy way for every one to see what they can do in one flight as opposed to landing after each lift and adding weight to the load...simple and quick.

You can impress your buddy on how much power your heli has or impress him with the fire ball if you pull too hard.
Sounds like fun to me, and if your heli has a failure, no worries, the chain won't let it go.
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