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Thumbs up Can some one explaine WATT's ? Thought it was a measurement of Horse Power

So if you look at the specs thats 5700 watts at 5 seconds but if it were to have its 2 second max listed it might equate to 7700 watts and that's about the wattage of a 4035 which is the 750mx which is used on 700s

not sure why some motors specs are listed at 2 seconds max like the 4525, 2 second max is about 10,000 watts but if they listed its 5 second max it might only be 8000 watts

????Based on OHM's Law ? Amp's X Volt's = Watt's

How are they achieving the Volts and the Amps ?

Watt's was alway's a Theoretical Math measurement of Horsey Power = How Many Horse ?

Like a 10,000 Watt Light Bulb or 8000 Watt Light Bulb

How are they doing it ????
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