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Originally Posted by Mercuriell View Post
Good point -especially with silicone wire - I often have to use a fine flat blade jeweller's screwdriver to tease the insulation into the housing.

Great thread Anyone care to summate best way to go for someone starting out ? Which crimper/terminal/housing for male/female 22-24 swg wire?
Like John, I am also looking for a recommendation of crimpers, terminals and housings for making my own servo extensions.

I've read the thread and don't think I would end up getting the right used crimper (or one that is labeled wrong or broken), so I think I'd prefer a new one.

That said, right now I really only need 1 male-to-male housing cable about 20" or so long. I'm not sure I want to buy expensive crimpers for a just a few uses.

I know a lot of you shorten your servo cables to custom lengths but I prefer to leave the wires untouched.

If I had to buy something now, I guess I'd go with:


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