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Default The 25 pound lift.

Next up in my lifting experiment is 25 pounds.
I wanted to see if the amp increase was consistent for a given weight increase and it is very close. Comes out to about 5.5 amps per 6.3 pound weight increase.
Flying the 25 pound load uses an average 46.26 amps per motor. The total weight plus the Velos is 46 pounds.

Also been learning the ropes with flying a long line, no pun intended.
I have become very good at flying the lighter loads but need practice with the 25 pound load.
At 25 pounds the load is heavier than the Velos and this changes control manipulation a lot. The Velos has ample power to fly it but you have to relearn some aspects of flying.
Collective pitch is king when flying heavy loads. At 46 pounds AUW you don't need to reduce collective pitch much to get a rapid decent. Things can get out of hand in a hurry so small stick moves are mandatory.

Also never fly a long line tail in or nose in to your position. You can't perceive motion either forward or backward fast enough to make corrections before the load starts a wild swing which can be hard to stop.

Fly a long line with a 45 degree fuselage center line to your position so you can see the forward and backward drift of the model and make quick corrections to prevent load swing.
It definitely takes practice to be successful because control is so different with the long line.

Velos 880 24 9 Pound Lift (1 min 30 sec)
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