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Originally Posted by Glenn Goodlett View Post
I've settled on;

Berg/DuPont HT-95 for Female contacts up to 22AWG
Berg/DuPont HT-102 for Male contacts up to 22AWG
Berg/DuPont HT-72 for Male and Female on 20AWG which I rarely work with.

Also I've figured out that when servo manufactures say they use 20AWG wire for their leads, they are stretching the truth. All servos that I have seen use 22AWG wire. In fact 20AWG wire is so large that it is difficult to get the wires to fit into the housings and it looks funny when you do.

A good explanation about connectors and wire sizes can be found here
So what makes the Berg/DuPont HT-95 and HT-102 better than the Hansen sold crimper?

I was thinking about getting the Hansen kit with the Deluxe crimper and wire strippers.

Thanks for the link with explanations.

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