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Originally Posted by Mercuriell View Post
I've used the Hansen crimpers a lot and as Glen says they work pretty well. Assessing depth of insertion of the wire into the connector (when it's mounted ready to go in the crimpers) takes practice and judgement - too much and you have bare wires over lapping the end of the crimp - too little and the 'cord hold' wings are onto bare wire.
That's why I lay the wire in the pin, line things up and gently "crimp" the insulation wings/tabs with needle nose pliers to hold the wire alignment in place when inserting into the crimper. Works perfectly every time.

The 3 rather than 0 shape of the Hansen die also tends to make the cord hold wings pierce into rather than wrap around the insulation.
I've never ever had a problem with one of my crimps using the Hansen and I know I've done well over a hundred by now. They all come out looking good.
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