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Look at the conductor crimp on the Hansen vs the factory crimpers. The factory crimp is much tighter. If you try to crimp them that tightly with the Hansen crimpers it will bend the terminal and possibly cut through the strands. The factory tool forms the opening to the conductor crimp barrel into a bellmouth to prevent the terminal from cutting into the strands.
Yet the deluxe Hansen one used to be THE crimper to have. Everyone who had one loved it. If Hansen crimps were failing on even a semi-regular basis, we'd have been hearing about it all along. It didn't suddenly stop working well simply because something newer and, maybe, better came out. Remember, slave labor in overseas sweatshops make these crimps. None of them are going to care one iota what one of us would for our machines, yet these are just fine? I'll trust mine over a factory crimp job like that any day. Also, it seems like a lot of people don't realize the Hansen is adjustable. Practice accordingly before crimping for something critical.
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