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Clark my good friend...good to hear from you!

Lifting 44 pounds with the Velos would probably take between 70 to 80 amps per motor if the current amp increase I see with the graduated weight increase I have already done holds true.
Aris has set the max gross weight of the Velos UAV at 50 pounds. The 880 has the same drive train so I think that would be a realistic limitation for the 880 as well. I was at a gross weight of 46 pounds with the 25 pounds on the line which it handled very easily. Rotor RPMs at that weight didn't bog even a slight amount so there is room for more if I wanted to add it on.
My focus now is with a payload of 25 pounds or so now that I know there is no problem lifting and flying with it.
I am thinking up possible real world tasks that could be done using that weight as a guide.
The 25 pounds is what I would carry as a tool for a specific task or a liquid for application of some kind.
I have two ideas I am working on now.
Sorry, but neither have anything to do with a long line.
I haven't thought up a use for that yet.
The long line was an easy way to carry weight without hard mounting it to the Velos to see how much weight I could easily carry without stressing the airframe.

Concerning the branch on my roof...this is why you haven't seen a video of me sweeping it off with the Velos.
I had already told you it has been on the roof for years and even the hardest rain couldn't wash it off...well that rain finally came, the branch was washed down and off the roof a couple weeks ago.
I guess it knew the Velos was coming to sweep it away so it just jumped off.

Just have to build my two ideas now and try them out...should be interesting, entertaining and educational. Yes their will be video.

Thanks for sharing the photos...looks like a fantastic location!
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