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Thanks for dropping back!

My opinion:

The very best heli that Blade has today is the 230S. Not because it's a super high performance, class beating heli, but because it is inexpensive, works really well, and is designed to be easy to fix. I keep recommending it because it is to me simply the very best value out there today to get started on the hobby.

1. Plastic and cheap, BNF and RTF versions.
2. Fixed length pitch linkages, correct length servo to swash linkages sold as spares, complete head assembly sold as spare, no belt tension or TT with tail motor, plastic blades.

If there is one thing I complain about is indeed that SAFE is a hit and miss. It requires that extra level calibration step to get really good and nicely level, but still keeps trying to compensate on the ground, making for difficult take-offs, specially for newbies which is the target customer.

But for many starting pilots, they won't outfly it quick. It's the perfect size to get out and fly as well.

The other heli is the other end of the range, the 360 CFX. To me that is the very flagship of Blade and a good competitor to jump from there to a kit heli. It is really powerful and light and, quite honestly, good looking. I dearly miss mine even with my Goblin fleet. On this one I honestly would have left it alone and just include the AR7210BX, I think the Trio although makes it have more collective, is more difficult to setup and more expensive to crash. I would leave the awesome canopy (which is the optional original two blade 360 canopy) and add the AR7210BX, reducing the price a little bit and having a serious competitor on that class for someone growing up with Blade.

The other models are just fillers in between to me. Plus I don't have experience with them as I have owned only a 200 SRX, a 230S and two 360 CFX's. I do think the 270 CFX could be a good option for people on the Oxy 3 size, I would put 285's on it (which actually someone has done it and does not collide with the tail blades) and increase the pinion to make it a bit more powerful. Then it would be closer in performance to an Oxy 3. You don't have the flexibility of 3S, 4S and 6S as the Oxy and it is a kit build after all, but for a Blade product which will be less expensive it can help close the gap a little bit. The huge drawback is the locked software. With so many features on FBL units today, I think BeastX and Spektrum should just include the fully featured, unlocked AR7210BX on Blade models that use it.

I think that more than SAFE, Rescue/Bailout is the feature that is most important of the SAFE technologies. That is definitely a must. For lower-end models, yes SAFE with self-level and reduced flight envelope but again it needs to work without any additional work or quirks. Still the 230S probably sold and keeps selling like pancakes.

The only other thing I would like to see from Blade are downloadable maintenance/setup guides not only for the airframe assembly but also for things like the default Castle configuration and other things that might be useful for someone rebuilding after a crash.

My two cents.

EDIT: Actually I think Blade should market these features of easy and cheap to repair on the 230S, not just SAFE and a pro pilot flying it around to its full potential.

Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Hey Guys,

Much apologies for not getting back to you all sooner. We have been taking notes behind he scenes.

Its our mission to make you guys happy and better yet, get more people back into the heli hobby.

The team and I greatly appreciate your feedback.

Here are a couple questions:

Is SAFE not a selling factor to you guys? Do you feel that it helps bring more people into the helis?

It seems like we have the right mix of products in our line up. You guys are all seemingly agreeing that we need to just update our current line. In other words, improve what you have and don't make additional platforms unless they are ground breaking.

What is the most popular size in your opinion? ( I know, based on sales) but curious to see what you guys think.

What sort of things should we be innovating? Plastics, electronics? Geometry? Etc...

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