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Personally, I think Blade helis are the learning platform for most R/C heli enthusiasts. Why not just improve on what you have?

Doing things like going with the 360 as a tri option "only" pushed many away from buying it. Why not keep it as a 2-blade and offer the conversion, like I think it was in the beginning? And now I hear the 180 is going the same route? Think most beginners want a 3-blade setup?

Frankly, the micros (nCPS, 130s) that have come out of Blade are junk. A much cheaper V977 or XK will walk all over them in both capability and durability. Parts were harder to get in the beginning, but that is not true anymore. Although, I do think these models would be much better if you guys would go through the forums and read what people say about them. They could be so much better. I bought 2 130s helis thinking that they would be much better than the CPS and I flew one for 5-6 flights and sold them both, one never even opened.

Improve the 230. A pretty stable size. Offer in a belt driven version. Offer a cf frame. Unless that was the whole point of the 250 that you put the crappy 300 motor in? Offer it in a belt driven version.

Why has blade gotten away from belt drives? All of these tail dd helis just make it seem like you only deal in toys. Not much choice on the smaller stuff, but no excuse for 230 or 250, or whatever else you decide to offer in the future.
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