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The 230S is great for what it is. But, it's really just a toy heli that has the benefit of being repairable, at least for now until it gets discontinued and parts dry up. No one takes it seriously, but everyone seems to like their 230S, including me. Great all around basher that's been very reliable, which is something that escapes Blade all too often.

But, speaking for myself, I'll never see Blade as being serious with the hobby again unless they bring back actual kits. I still love and fly my 550X regularly, but some parts are getting hard to come by or aren't even available. Sad to say, but when the Blade helis I currently have are crashed into oblivion, it looks like I won't be buying any more based on the current line-up and direction they've been going. I'm going to be pissed when (not if) I have an entire heli hard down because I can't find that one critical part I need and something from the aftermarket can't be sourced.
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