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There are a TON of aftermarket upgrades and among Blade users it is very common to upgrade. Why not capture some of that market yourselves?
They did offer Blade branded hop-up type parts in metal but the quality very often wasn't very good. Their all metal swash for the 450X was horrible. I went through a few of them. Some had a nasty, notchy bearing right out of the package. Others had so much drag in the bearing it was like it got pinched on install. Those got replaced by product support immediately. The ones that had a decent bearing didn't last long at all before becoming sloppy. Not a one of them.

Glad someone mentioned the Lynx OXY helis. Blade, that's what you should be looking at for future development. They are fantastic helis and that's where I look for my actual hobby grade, non-toy small heli needs these days. After all, they were pretty much the gold standard for aftermarket Blade parts. I found their quality to be better than Rakon, Microheli and others across the board. You could build some Blade helis entirely from Lynx without using one single stock part except for electronics, so it was only natural for them to produce their own homegrown helis and I'm glad they did. The upcoming OXY 4 will definitely be my 450X replacement when it's finally good and dead.
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