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I think of Blade as an entry level brand. Something the hobby is lacking. Personally I think there must be a step before kit helis. Building and flying are two huge skill sets. Doing them at the same time is what pushes people out of the hobby.
BNF/RTF stuff and kits aren't mutually exclusive. They can carry both. They did it before and they can do it again. Personally, I feel they didn't try hard enough with the Pro Series. They had to have expected slow initial sales because of their so-so reputation on the street, self inflicted or otherwise, and an already saturated market but they just didn't stick with it. They folded way too early, IMO. They should have pushed Haley and other team pilots to put one of their birds on the awards podium at a major event(s). That would have gotten plenty of people to sit up and take notice. People would have been talking about the heli that won or, maybe, took second and how it was "just a Blade".
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