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I agree. Blade have a niche, they do not need to branch into kits.

Steve, you guys should know from your support exactly what problems occur on which models and what needs improving.

You should fix the 230s frame. It does not need a massive fix, just better, stronger plastic.

I would think the 270 would be pretty popular but from the traffic that forum gets, it does not look like it. Maybe you should sell it set up for 4s. The 6s lipos are quite expensive. And people can switch to 6s if they really want.

Also Blade should be more competitive price wise on lipos. Or just sell all your models without a battery and hopefully reduce the initial model price. I know I have never purchased a single Eflight lipo in the five years plus I have been buying Blade helis. They are just not good value for money.

As for electronics, the servos that came on the 180 and the 230 are pretty good when compared to what the Blades 450s came with (I know same tail servo on the 180). And I have not had any problems with the escs on either heli. The motors however could have a little more power but they do seem to keep working at least.

I never use SAFE, infact when I accidently flip into SAFE the lack of control scares me, but I can see it being a big draw for beginners. I cannot see why you should discontinue its use.

I know you take a lot of flak because your helis attract beginners, beginners crash lots and tend to forget and then wonder why their heli does not fly right. However there have been enough examples of poor quality on certain parts over the years that a bad rep at times has been justified.

I hope you guys can keep improving because you have always been in a good position to bring new guys into the hobby. As far as I am concerned you have some good helis in your current line up for the intended audience.
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