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Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Hey Guys,

Much apologies for not getting back to you all sooner. We have been taking notes behind he scenes.

Its our mission to make you guys happy and better yet, get more people back into the heli hobby.

The team and I greatly appreciate your feedback.

Here are a couple questions:

Is SAFE not a selling factor to you guys? Do you feel that it helps bring more people into the helis?

It seems like we have the right mix of products in our line up. You guys are all seemingly agreeing that we need to just update our current line. In other words, improve what you have and don't make additional platforms unless they are ground breaking.

What is the most popular size in your opinion? ( I know, based on sales) but curious to see what you guys think.

What sort of things should we be innovating? Plastics, electronics? Geometry? Etc...

For me and just about everyone I personally know SAFE is the primary reason for buying Blade helis. If you no longer offered it I would not be interested in your products.

When I go to various clubs I very often find people who have bought "pre SAFE" helis, crashed them a lot and just given up.
I try do demonstrate SAFE, usually with my 230S and some have taken interest again.

I am sure that there are some people who hate the whole concept of SAFE which I suspect is more ego in their part as SAFE allows people with lesser skills to fly a better. If a heli has SAFE and you do not like it then it is easy to turn it off.

I started with always Stability Mode then after a few months would switch to Agility Mode while in the air but land in Stability and now I can do it all in Agility/3D but occasionally I do a "hold my beer" and flicking it back to Stability allows me a few seconds to regroup.

I am in the process of trying new FBLs in my 450x fleet to replace the ar7200bx so I get that feature on all of them.

The other thing I like about Blade is that parts are cheap and so are the batteries (on most models). We are not all in USA and a 360CFX battery (1300 6s) costs about $100 here so going to the field with 10 batteries is $1000. On the other hand the 2200 3s for the 450x is $28.

The last thing is that all of the Blade helis are ready to go out of the box. They do not have to be built from kits or require choosing of optional parts to make them go. I like this very much and have very little interest in assembling a bucket of bits.
Some like to cook, others just like to eat.

Now this is just my view and at this time every heli I have ever bought has been Blade (5x450x 3xMSRx, Nano, 200SRx, 2x230S, 250CFx).

While you keep making helis that are suitable for me and my friends I suspect we will keep buying.
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