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Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Here are a couple questions:

Is SAFE not a selling factor to you guys? Do you feel that it helps bring more people into the helis?

It seems like we have the right mix of products in our line up. You guys are all seemingly agreeing that we need to just update our current line. In other words, improve what you have and don't make additional platforms unless they are ground breaking.

What is the most popular size in your opinion? ( I know, based on sales) but curious to see what you guys think.

What sort of things should we be innovating? Plastics, electronics? Geometry? Etc...

I liked SAFE in the beginning and it got me to where I could fly CP no problem. It is good and bad. Gets you up flying, but then people use it as a crutch.

I think that you have a good mix, for now. Start with the 230 and improve it. Work your way through what you currently offer and then take those ideas and maybe expand to ideas like new and improved MCPx.

I think it best to look at your products as beginner products. Not a bad thing, as I think your company brings in most if not all new heli pilots. Most I believe move up but continue to recommend starting with a 230. Just glance at the many new pilot threads started throughout the forum and see how many times the 230 is mentioned. The 230 is better than the smaller micros for a new pilot because it is much more stable and easier to fly than something like a MCPx size. You could market as the "ultimate" starter heli. Just remember that to really be an "ultimate" starter heli it needs to be a tank and very durable. Which basically means scrapping the frame you have. Maybe mix cf and plastic to make it strong and keep light? The frame of the 230 really is the only bad piece, although a little tougher pitch arms on the grips would be nice. A new MCPx could be marketed as the "ultimate" backyard basher...but more for the experienced pilot, possibly, since a beginner just bashes into the ground. In other words, improve the beginner helis first and then work your way through what you have.

For your 270 and 360, why not contract with Lynx or MH to use a few of their components that appear much better than the stock and include these products in your BNF models? For example, the swash. A 270 with a known mfg that is proven to greatly improve products already built into one of your helis would certainly get me to consider one. Does nothing but help you guys and you don't have to do much research on how to get them better within. Just a thought. I would definitely show that you guys are just concerned with improving.
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