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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
I have thought about that at some point. For Blade to buy the Lynx designs. They are dropping their manufacturing anyways. But it's all a cost thing. Blade's edge is price. A $1200 Goblin 380 flies way better than a $600 360 CFX but the Blade is not a bad Heli at all. Still I agree with a few posts above. It would be better a bit cheaper without the tri blade. Blade are cheap helis that work right out of the box. Again perfect introduction for the hobby. I think Blade dropped the Pro because they realized this. Plenty of market for inexpensive good helis especially something like the 230S to get started.
I would gladly add an extra $15 if it came with a Lynx swash. Costs vs quality is a fine line. Lynx wouldn't drop anything if there was a consistent demand for parts. Read most of the negative reviews and it is the quality of the parts that most are not happy with. Everyone always says get the 230 and leave it stock, except for maybe put in a metal swash. The 180 is a great heli when you do x to it. Why not fill in some of that and have a heli that truly needs no upgrade. And they are fine just like they are for the true beginner, but then to keep that person going a bit further would help.
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