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Default Now What?

Another teaser photo of one of my latest mechanical release/drop ideas for me to experiment with using the power of the Velos.

Dead tree branches that need to be removed but are too high in the air, dangerous to get to or located where normal removal equipment can't reach.
I am building a simple fork arrangement to be belly mounted on the Velos to release rope from a hover above the branch to be removed.

How much rope?
We have tall mature trees 100+ feet high in my area. To get to the highest branches I would need a total of 200 feet of rope. The rope would be looped over the branch to be removed so that's 100 feet of rope up to the branch and 100 feet back down to the ground.

I bought the rope and looped it around a fork like it would be carried under the Velos. See the photo below.
100 feet would be on the fork under the belly and the remaining 100 feet would be loose on the ground and then hoisted up to the branch during the flight.

So the Velos at the top of the hover would be carrying 200 feet of nylon rope 3/8 inch in diameter with a load strength of 250 pounds.
The total weight of rope I am using is 6 pounds so a very easy task for the big Velos to lift into position.
Once a branch has been captured by a rope you can do what you want for it's removal such as a rope saw or just break it off if it's rotten.

This method of removing tree branches simple won't work in all situations but for those occasions when air space allows, and no other method will work safely, this should work well.

Building the release fork today, hope to have photos later, video to follow.
Best part I'll be able to use my original cargo hook to release the fork allowing the 100 feet of rope under the belly to drop to the ground, and hopefully not tangle on the way down.

I had originally created this just for the release of rope, but now that I almost have it built, other ideas for its use are popping into my head.
I can see one very high illuminated Christmas star for our neighborhood to enjoy this holiday season.

Keep dreaming...

The rope to be carried under the belly of the 200 feet needed.
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