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Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
You could build some Blade helis entirely from Lynx without using one single stock part except for electronics,
I did that with an mCPX BL, one of my favorite helis. Though there's nothing Blade left on it but the servos and landing gear.

In terms of constructive critique, my suggestion is that Blade focuses more on "platforms" rather than pumping out new flash in the pan models all the time. It's like they're constantly chasing a better heli and never get there.

Blade's short lifecycle is is frustrating as and owner because you buy a Blade heli and it's obsolete a year later, maybe two at the most. When you find a heli you really like you want to keep flying it much longer than a year.

I'd like to see an extended upgrade path with a particular platform. To improve or innovate, make the platform upgrade-able. That would keep me locked in. I imagine there's a huge revenue potential in upgrade parts just based on my own spending. Probably can make more through upgrade parts than selling new helis to previous customers. Don't force early retirement of Blade helis. Doing that pushed me out to another maker.
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