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I'd like a Blade PC Heli App that lets me view/edit a DX6's (or DX7, DX8, DX18, etc.) SPM file - model setup - all on one large computer monitor. Then import/export that file, via the SD card of course, to/from the transmitter, as is currently done.

Model setup could still take place using the transmitter and scroll wheel, but being able to see, verify, snap-shot, etc. the entire transmitter setup for my heli(s) spread out in front of me (as opposed to fumbling through dozens of tiny LCD screens and scribbling notes on paper) would be absolutely awesome. Show me all of the throttle and pitch curves for the different flight modes, dual rates, expo, swash setup, sub-trims, travel adjusts, timer settings, servo reverse, gyro, etc. all on the big screen. Basically, take advantage of today's high-resolution monitor craze and display as much data at once as possible.

I'd buy/support this app/tool.


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