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I started flying June of 2016 after racing surface RC since late 80's (40 last week!). Surface got old and I switched to planes, teaching myself using SAFE. Last fall I was off safe and ~1.2m warbirds were my thing. I picked up a Nano CPS around that time and started playing with it in SAFE as my buddy that jumped from surface to air with me was really into helis. So I SAFEd it around a bit while we got better at planes.

In this process we met a guy flying a big 700 Goblin Speed at our same spot and got some advice. My friend bought a 180 CFX and started practicing on that and then the Goblin guy pulled a 180 CFX out of his closet and gave it to me to try. So 2ish months ago I forced myself to stop on SAFE with the Nano and start practicing low rates on it and the 180. So I got to where I could rip those two around a good bit and ordered the 270 when it was on sale + coupon.

So..... Nano got me started using Safe and then on past it. BEAT the heck out of it and loved it (bought a second). 180CFX has been a great little heli and I still fly it the best out of the 3 I have. The 270CFX has been great as well, gave me the confidence to buy a 360CFX (used from forum) which will be here later this week. With this one I will have my first chance to setup a FBL on my own (it is coming with some BeastX clone that I am taking out). We will see how that goes and I may be on to something bigger shortly after that.

I just wanted to put my $0.02 in that Blade has a really nice beginner lineup and should potentially focus on that as their strategy. Take the great helis you have now and improve on them. More power in the Nano, bring back the 360 2 blade, offer the Safe equipped 230s or 250 in a pitched tail, etc. I bought the 270 on sale for the pitched tail & bailout. After flying the 180, I haven't needed the bailout but am glad it is there as I progress on inverted, flips, etc.

As I said, I will probably end up going bigger as soon as I play with setting up a FBL on my own, and having loved my Blade gear I would most likely look there first for my 420 / 500 / 550 if they had one. Since they don't I will move on to a new (to me) brand.

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